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To help you comprehend the multinational world to create a proof of concept (POC) or your sales approach (from the first sale to scale).
Identification and qualification of your big clients’ and interested people’s needs. We will accompany you throughout the entire process or only during the first steps, depending on your needs. 
How Does it Work?
The different steps chronologically:
Discussion (60 mins) about your needs to validate both parties’ interests, define the objective, and sign an NDA.
Then, the signing of a partnership contract.  
After your teams’ brief on your company and technology (60 to 120 mins), B2NEWBIZ identifies the right interlocutors for you and introduces you without any work from your part. 
Did you know that top multinationals have been using solutions implemented by our services for multiple years?
Let’s talk to already identify what we can do for you!

Startups we have represented 

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