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Le Lounge Online is a new generation of collaboration platforms that are open to everyone.
The aim is to combine resources to generate an exponential growth thanks to new collective approaches. 
Le Lounge Online lets you gain access to new resources in open ecosystems. Whether you are independent, a startup or a multinational, you can have access to our different workshops or develop your own approach. 
We are here to reinvent the way of working. Le Lounge Online provides you with solutions adapted to each of your needs, whether through the Projects Wall, training, conferences or by fundamental research in our Think Tank. 
Our ambition is to manage to bring together individuals and create an open ecosystem. Come participate in our collective approach!  

What is Le Lounge Online?

Le Lounge
Mur de Projets
Projects Wall
An online platform aimed at collectively developing solutions to different organizations’ needs. 
The concept is simple: you bring problems specific to your organization and/or you help resolve shared problems. 
The goal: to have a collective result which would be unattainable separately.
Le Lounge Online is open to everyone: private world with startups, independent people, SMEs, people who are transitioning careers, and multinationals. However, it is also open to the public world: organizations, cities, regions. We want to bring like-minded people from different professions and profiles. A diversity of people is the best way to get different angles!  
Why is the Projects Wall Unique?
It lets you have an exponential impact thanks to the collective dimension. 
It enables you to access a mutualization of resources because we connect strangers and create a collective dynamic.
Leave the classical, overpriced, and time consuming consulting approaches behind and come get out of your comfort zone!
Whoever you are, you can participate.
What is My Benefit When I Bring a Project?
Have more resources for your projects, make your projects more collectively visible, and attract otherwise unattainable talents. Everything you cannot resolve alone, come resolve together!
What is My Benefit When I Contribute to a Project?
Extend your network, work with new people, be part of a team, as well as discovering new professions and industries. Come to make yourself visible in action! 
Based on our experience with multinationals and the Startup Nation.
The modules are 60 minutes sessions.  
Module 1: the Startup Nation. 
Discover a vibrant ecosystem and get answers to all your questions about the reasons behind its success and innovation. How can you get inspired?
Module 2: applications from the Startup Nation.
How could you apply the Startup Nation spirit in your organization? 
Module 3: Product Offer Definition. 
How to define your product offer and your services, all while testing with your first clients? 
Training can also be organized at multinationals’ or SME’s requests.
How Does it Work?
Choose your module and contact us. Once a small group is formed, we can decide on a date as soon as possible.
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Our Next Conference
Theme: how to have a positive correlation between sustainable development and commercial success. First semester of 2021. 
What are the major issues? How to get inspired by the best practices? Can we develop more synergies between the main players?
We are currently developing the themes with our partners and will put a plan, oriented at concrete results during and after the sessions, in place.
A Conference Reserved to Your Organization
We will put a plan in place to help your teams accelerate and improve their collaboration process.
How Does it Work?
Let’s discuss the idea if it interests you! If you would like to share your experiences, please let us know! 
Think Tank
This Think Tank is a location to exchange thoughts about the future of collaboration in an open ecosystem and to test new approaches.
The goals are:  
- Exchange ideas to innovate faster thanks to new modes of collaboration. 
- Identify the challenges to solve in an open ecosystem. 
- Explore new work tracks for marketing, human resources, supply chain, and operations functions. 
How Does it Work?
90 minutes exchange sessions between the participants (theme experts, researchers and university professors, executives and multinationals’ and SME’ executives and alumni, startups). 
A main theme will be chosen with the team based on the members’ interests and needs.
Come join us if you would like to share your insights, questions, and be inspired by the other members of the Think Tank. Together let’s think and define the best approaches to change!

Think Tank

Séance de remue-méninges
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