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To help you find startups to collaborate within all functions without having to initiate a long and expensive plan. 
We will put you in contact with Israeli, Swiss, French, or American (from the Silicon Valley) startups in all functions (data, marketing, human resources, supply chain, etc…). 
How Does it Work? 
Start the process with your needs. Using your requests, we will put you in direct contact with the startups B2NEWBIZ works with, in full transparency. 
If none of our startups cover your problem, we will put you in contact with our partner from Silicon Valley who will initiate a larger search, which can go up to 1000 startups. This lets us find the best companies to resolve your problems.
Contact us for a brief presentation of our partners and to share the functions on which you would like to improve!

We are very proud to have been at the origin of still active contracts between 



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