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Current Workshops

Each season we present new workshops. Contact us to reserve your spot.  

Our Winter Workshop

January to March 2020


How can partners from different sectors (private and public) and different sizes (startups, SME, and multinationals) work better together in order to have an exponential impact to increase the ecological transition?

3 subgroups focused on consumers and their consumption at home.

Group 1: reduce digital consumption at home

Group 2: reuse packaging.

Group 3: recycle packaging and non-consumed food products.

The advantage of these groups is that they are diverse: professionals, individuals. The private sector, public sector. Big enterprises, startups. Project providers. People in career transitioning. The methodology used is that of design thinking.

There is no need to be an expert to participate in our sessions. You only need to be conscious of sustainable development and to want to test new methods to raise awareness and action.

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Our Spring Workshop

April to June 2021


How to accelerate the setting up of a shorter and local DTC (Direct to Consumer or Direct to Customer).

Participate in the next session:

The questions: what are the challenges which are stopping you, how to involve more ACTEURS, how to create more local work for more people?

Session objectives: decide on a common goal upon participants, identify a couple concrete group projects.

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