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Having spent 16 years working at Nestlé (in France and in the Vevey HQ), I had the opportunity to lead innovation and transformations alongside very advanced teams and to collaborate with all the functions (HR, supply, operations). Then, my startup years introduced me to a new perspective as I accompanied my clients through their digital transformations. 
In March 2018, I created B2NEWBIZ to work in a One on One setting with my multinational clients. The aim is to provide them with the best technologies and the best startups (often from Tel Aviv, where I lived for 10 years). 
Currently, digital transformation is accelerating for everyone. Therefore, I have decided to add new services open to all functions: individuals, startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as multinationals.

My experience at Nestlé has also shown me that other than people’s talent, how they collaborate is usually the key factor to success.
Therefore, I decided to create a brand new concept: Le Lounge Online, a platform to accelerate collaboration and generate exponential growth. I wanted to have a social approach. I want Le Lounge Online to be useful to people globally. It is open to everyone. To grow your projects, to accompany others’ projects, to learn, or to think.
    - Eric Blum, founder. 
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B2NEWBIZ adapts to you.  

Le Lounge Online is an open ecosystem.

Together let’s change and improve the world!

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